It all begins with the site, on a bluff overlooking the wide and mighty Mississippi River, adjacent to a resurgent metropolis composed of five communities. A new university campus, growing corporations and improved transportation options animate the region, bringing in new residents, visitors and workers. These people require someplace to live, work and relax, as well as the conveniences that make their lives simpler and richer. These needs inspired us to create a destination at this site, including homes, hotels and retail complemented by large, open green spaces. The site, with its breathtaking river views and proximity to the heart of the Quad Cities, demanded a master plan beyond the ordinary. Ample space would be provided for all aspects of the development and the world’s best architects would be recruited to create extraordinary buildings. The architects, in turn, were inspired by the site and vision of the developers. The result of this inspiration is Fountainhead. Encompassing housing, hotels, retail, and recreation and soon to be the premier destination in the region.


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